Math Games

Here are some math games we have been playing in the classroom recently. Some have been modified or adapted from the instructions, so if your child has a different version that is ok.

Games we have played: 

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 4.10.00 PM.png

dice activities – winter freebie

  • this game can be played using a dice, counting one more or one less, 2 more or 2 less and also adding two dice together (only some answers will be shown/It will not have 11 or 12).

War: you can also modify the game “war” by asking students to add the two cards put down. Ex. 4 and 5 = 9. Speed or simply accuracy can be your goal. Face cards become 10 and A becomes 1.

Games and activities we have not tried yet, but will be soon:


doubleplus1 (1)

winter addition

winter make ten board


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