What we’ve been up to!


Students made Owl Bags today to keep their Valentine’s Day cards all in one place!


On the 100th day of school, we did a number scavenger hunt to find all the numbers around the classroom. Then we tried to place them in order from 1-100! It was quite the task!


We built towers using cups. We shared 100 cups and then we built with 100 cups all together!





Playing BUMP!


Counting by 2s activity!


Building our community with recycled materials!


The question was: If there are two bicycles, how many wheels are there all together? What if there was 4 bicycles…. and so on. We are very good at counting by 2s!



More stacking. We invented many ways to stack these cups!


Oops! We have to watch those 5s! These are all the ways in which students found how to make 10! I especially like how this student knew that 4+6 and 6+4 both equal 10! Great work!

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