Tumble Books Link

Here is the Tumble Books link.

For those who do not know, this is a free service through the CBE. Students have access to French and English stories they can follow along to.

Check it out!

Tumble Books

Math – Numbers

Learning all about numbers! It’s important to represent numbers in a variety of ways.

October 30th

Here are a few more pictures from what our students are creating during morning centers. Students are beginning to take pictures independently when they are proud of their work.

Zones of Regulation


Students will be learning about the Zones of Regulation as part of a school wide initiative to help students regulate their emotions. Look back later for more information!

Numbers Game



Here is another numbers game that we have been playing. Students roll a 20 sided dice, find the number and say it aloud. Once they have said it correctly, they can place a block on top which claims their spot. If they are able to get a horizontal or vertical line, like in Bingo, they win!

Numbers Game

Here is a game that we have been playing! Students had to flip one card over at a time and say the number in French. Once all cards have been picked, students place the cards in order from 1-20!

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